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Cowboy Headquarters

Sitka Timber Pack Optifade

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A radical treehugger, the Timber Pack clings to bare trunks to keep your gear (even your gun) safely above the waterline. Unzipped, the large main compartment hangs open, exposing multiple zippered mesh pockets that keep you organized. The welded rubber bottom keeps your gear dry in the bottom of the boat, and the no-muck straps come clean of even the stickiest mud.

Burly Tree Strap: The tree strap can be stowed away when carrying or deployed to suspend the pack in an easily accessible position above water.
Aluminum Gun Hook: Custom metal tooling hardware and gun hook allow easy removal of your shotgun.
Fowl Noose System: Eight removable nooses make quick work of your bag limit.
Water-Resistant Cell Phone Pocket
External Compression Straps