Lawn & Garden

From grilling to grass cutting, we have you covered. Cowboy Headquarters stocks several makes and models of Gravely, Exmark, Spartan, and STIHL mowers and lawn equipment as well as all of the current versions of Traeger and Hooray Grills. Once you’re done mowing the lawn you can serve up your favorite BBQ for your friends and family.


For over 100 years, we've been out in the fields, listening to the folks who do the work and gaining first-hand experience we bring right back to our factories. Here, we design machines for all-day comfort and unbeatable precision. We engineer machines to work tougher, faster. And we never stop inventing smarter ways to deliver results that make you proud.

Durable. Efficient. Dependable. Acre after acre. Professional landscapers proudly choose the Gravely brand to help them shape our beautiful American landscape because we do more than build our powerful machines to work.




If you're an Exmark mower owner, chances are, you had a hand in building your machine. Whether you know it or not, you're the reason the deck is deeper, the controls are smoother and the parts are fewer.

No other turf care manufacturer has worked harder to become an expert in the science of operator comfort. Today's Exmark products are far more comfortable to use, translating into more profitability for landscape professionals and a more pleasurable mowing experience for homeowners.



Our products are handcrafted in Arkansas with American steel, muscle and workers. When you purchase Spartan, we want you to be proud that you purchased American-made.

The Spartan Mower line is available in the RZ, RT, SRT, and KG models, to accommodate every customer, from personal to commercial use, and fit every price range.



All-new STIHL zero-turn mowers give homeowners and pros the performance and precision they expect from STIHL with the power and reliability they demand. 

Introducing the all-new zero-turn mowers from a worldwide leader in cutting power. Let the pursuit of the perfect cut begin.


Traeger Grills

Over 30 years of wood-fired innovation has led to trailblazing tech and premium construction that ensure incredible consistency you can always count on.

From game days to getaways, bring wood-fired flavor everywhere with our portable grills. Featuring compact, portable designs, they’re primed for balconies, tailgates, and more.

With the ability to Grill, Smoke, Bake, Roast, Braise, & BBQ all on one grill, there’s no limit to what you can cook. From slow-smoked brisket to baked blueberry pie, Traeger grills can truly do it all.


Hooray Grills


The first Hooray grill was built in 2008 and became the center of attention at every cookout. Nobody had seen anything like it. After developing numerous prototypes — each one improving on the last — the Dunns created the ultimate open-fire cooking experience. And you're invited. 

Constructed of high-grade steel and finished with industrial heat-resistant coatings, Hooray grills offer exceptional quality with nothing held back. Every grill features an elegant pulley system for raising and lowering the heavy-duty grates with ease. Controlling the cooking temperature is as easy as turning a wheel.