Farm & Ranch

We personally know what it takes to enjoy a working ranch or farm. Caring for your animals, maintaining the land and cultivating your crops are no easy tasks. We offer top-of-the-line farm and ranch equipment from Priefert and Tartar as well as an amazing selection of Horse and Livestock feed from Bluebonnet Feed, the official feed of the National Reining Horse Association. We can help you with all the equipment and supplies you need to run your operation and take joy in what you have accomplished.


Recognized as having the highest quality equipment available, Priefert is proud to have its products used and endorsed by the top cattle, equine, rodeo and roping organizations in the country.

Durability, versatility, and functionality are combined with first-rate craftsmanship and an eye for detail as products are made to fit the needs and demands of a growing market. Cattle ranchers with herds from 10 to 10,000, horse owners seeking safety for their animals and ease of operation, and people who simply embrace the rural lifestyle and the western way of life have all helped build this company.



State-of-the-art production facilities in two Kentucky communities represent over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space. Tarter also owns a full manufacturing and distribution center in Corinne, Utah.

The Tarter family continues to value the power of an American, family-run business by providing long-lasting, quality products to farmers and ranchers.

The Tarter family has been manufacturing quality, American made products for farmers and ranchers for generations. Our great- grandfather, C.V. Tarter, started the company over seventy years ago, crafting wooden farm gates by hand. Today, we’re the largest manufacturer of farm gates and animal management equipment in North America.


Bluebonnet Feed

Bluebonnet® Feeds has been feeding horses across Texas and Oklahoma for over three decades, but now it is rapidly becoming a brand that is sought after by horsemen across the nation. Since the beginning, Bluebonnet® has stood by the motto that “Quality is the Best Value”. Horse owners want to know, and deserve to know, what is in the feed they give their horse.

When you choose Bluebonnet®, you are choosing more than a brand of feed, you are becoming family. Our team of nutritionists, consultants, and customer service personnel are available to give you and your horses the best experience possible. From individual diet consulting to educational seminars we value our customers and strive to support them in every way possible.