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Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody

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This Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody helps prevent contact with insects in three distinct ways: Bite-reduction fabric, built-in Insect Shield and limited skin exposure. This hoody is Comfortable and moisture-wicking�especially in hot, humid conditions�it�s made from a SITKA-developed ultra-lightweight, breathable, tightly knit stretch fabric that helps prevent mosquito bites. It features a breathable mesh facemask and a long tail that tucks into your pants for maximum chigger/tick protection. FEATURES & MATERIALS: *Ultra-lightweight, breathable, tightly knit stretch fabric helps prevent against bites. *Insect Shield� repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges (no-see-ums). *Breathable mesh facemask deploys quickly and doesn�t obstruct vision. *Long tail is designed to be tucked into pants for maximum chigger/tick protection. *YKK� zippered chest pocket. *UPF 50+ protection; treated with Polygiene� Odor Control Technology. *Pair with Equinox Guard Pant and Glove for additional head-to-toe protection from insects. *Total weight: 6.5 oz. *Imported.